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    About us

    Get to know the leading full-service provider in the narcotics and cannabis industry and benefit from our all-encompassing range of services.

    Your competent, experienced and reliable narcotics partner.

    Thanks to our many years of experience in handling narcotics and the use of state-of-the-art technologies, we have the highest level of security, flexibility and expert know-how.
    Company development
    PS Pharma Ltd. is the leading specialist logistics provider in the handling of narcotics with a total of more than 25 years of expertise in this field. In addition to storage, import and export, commissioning and shipping, we also offer repackaging/packaging of all active ingredients covered by the Narcotics Act that are approved in Germany.

    In 2019 we have expanded our unique range of services to include
    • the serialization of finished medicinal products on behalf of customers,
    • the primary packaging of cannabis flowers,
    • the filling of herbal drugs, cannabis extracts and oils,
    • assembly of various components to the cannabis set
    • as well as the storage, distribution and secondary packaging of cold chain pharmaceuticals.
    The topic of medical cannabis has taken up more and more space in Germany since 2017, with media attention highlighting the quality standards that must be met and the inherent complexity of handling natural products. While the quality of medical cannabis begins with the cultivator, it must be guaranteed at the highest level throughout the entire supply chain across batches. For many market participants, this represents an enormous barrier that is either impossible or extremely difficult and time-consuming to overcome without an experienced partner.

    PS Pharma Service GmbH is the leading narcotics specialist and full service provider for medical cannabis. By concentrating on these sensitive areas, we can offer our customers the assurance of optimum quality as well as the best advice. The highly specialized employees of PS Pharma Service GmbH are highly demanded speakers at established seminar providers.

    Pain therapy and the use of anesthetics have become increasingly important in recent years. PS Pharma Service GmbH has played a decisive role in shaping this topic and has done pioneering work as a provider of services related to narcotics.

    Quality and safety

    The focus on consistent quality, safety and reliability is the basis for the outstanding market position we have earned in recent years. The trust that our customers are placing in us must be reaffirmed day after day. We are constantly working on this and consistently aligning our processes accordingly.

    Reliability that convinces

    We attach great importance to compliance with international standards, setting new benchmarks in terms of quality, service and customer satisfaction. This is the basis of our quality management system, which performs very well in regular customer and authority audits as well as regular self-inspections.

    Our safety facilities far exceed the required standards, enabling us to guarantee safe storage and processing of your products in our certified, restricted-access facilities.

    Standardized procedures and complete documentation of processes lead to high-quality work results. Thanks to the large number of highly qualified specialists and experienced employees, we also have an extremely low error and complaint rate.

    Entire supply chain

    Our customers are well-known and established pharmaceutical companies that value unsurpassed quality and full service. We see ourselves as a system provider who takes over the complete handling of your narcotics and cannabis products, from import to packaging to distribution. Of course, you can also choose individual components of our service package.

    Your full-service partner

    You can also work with the market leader in narcotics and enjoy the benefits of our unique services.

    Many years of experience

    We have been active in the registration processing of narcotics and Non-narcotics since 1995 and in the areas of storage and distribution since 1998.

    Comprehensive narcotics expertise

    Highly qualified specialists for logistics, packaging, narcotics production, import/export and distribution guarantee the highest level of quality and service.

    High level of awareness

    PS Pharma Service GmbH is already known to many wholesalers and pharmacies. Our packages are therefore often already recognized and processed as consignments of narcotics.

    Accurate and reliable

    Picking and controlling is done according to different criteria, so that errors can be excluded with almost 100% probability.

    First class customer service

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced and competent staff by phone on 02159 914430.

    Convenient location

    The good connection to the highway and the proximity to Dusseldorf airport ensure efficient distribution in Germany and internationally.