Company development


For more than 25 years, we have been one of the most renowned distribution and logistics service providers in the German BtM industry.

Discover the advantages of a historically grown family business.

Our experience and expertise in handling narcotics and medical cannabis are unique in Germany.
About us
PS Pharma Service GmbH was founded in 1994 with the intention to offer all in-house functions of a pharmaceutical company as a service. For this purpose we work with a team of highly qualified specialists in the fields of marketing, sales, finance, manufacturing, regulatory affairs and logistics.

Just a few years after our establishment, we specialized in the storage, packaging and commissioning of narcotics and continuously expanded our services in this regard.

In 2019, we were one of the first to take up the challenge of offering a system for primary packaging of cannabis flowers of any kind. Facilities (incl. continuous video surveillance), equipment and personnel have been established accordingly. Here, too, PS Pharma Service GmbH was able to draw on decades of experience and obtain the necessary permits within a few months.

Due to our history, we today not only have an established global network of experts, but are already known as BtM specialists by wholesalers and pharmacists. Our parcels are already recognized as BtM consignments by the company name and are handled with appropriate care.

More than 130 highly qualified employees

All of our employees have the necessary expertise in their fields thanks to targeted training and continuous education programs.

Our customers are among the most prestigious companies

Some of the largest and most established pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers are already among our customers.

Germany's pioneer in the cannabis industry

We were one of the first service providers in Germany to specialize in the full-service handling of medical cannabis products.

Our path to becoming the leading full-service provider in the BtM and cannabis industry

since Q2/2019

Storage, distribution and secondary packaging of non-narcotics, cold-storage pharmaceuticals and medical cannabis products



Successive development of the packaging area



Renting additional capacity for palettes



Second capacity expansion and development of a new business unit ( import of narcotics)



Move to our current location in Meerbusch and first expansion of capacity



Storage, packaging and commissioning of narcotics becomes core business



Start of business as a special logistics company and development for the packaging of production of narcotic drugs



Foundation of PS Pharma Service GmbH