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    Storage and distribution of narcotics

    When storing your narcotics in our narcotics vaults, security and climate control are top priorities.

    Entrust the storage and distribution of your narcotics to the specialist!

    With us, you can store narcotics of all pharmaceutical dosage forms in a withdrawal- and quality-secure manner.
    Quality and safety
    The demand for narcotics on the German pharmaceutical market has been rising steadily for several years. More and more pharmaceutical companies are entering this field, but are then quickly faced with the challenge of storing their narcotics in compliance with the law.

    In order to be allowed to store narcotics professionally and adequately secured in accordance with § 3 BtMG, the containers and premises must meet very specific requirements. For example, when storing narcotics, it is mandatory to use certified strongroom doors with a resistance grade III or higher and to monitor all processes electronically.

    We at PS Pharma Service GmbH not only have the necessary expertise in handling narcotics, but can also store them in our highly secure BtM vaults and distribute them in compliance with GDP.

    Our BtM warehouses are equipped with the latest technological security measures and guarantee absolute safety for your products. All processes are video-monitored and documented down to the last detail, allowing complete traceability of all work steps at any time.

    Highest safety and quality standards

    We can store your products under the highest security and quality standards on more than 3,000 narcotics pallet spaces. Our value protection rooms exceed the resistance level prescribed by the German Federal Opium Agency, have state-of-the-art alarm systems and optimum temperature and humidity control.

    Full daily physical inventory

    In the order picking area, we conduct a complete physical inventory every day to safeguard the inventory.

    Secure electronic data exchange

    All order acceptance and handling processes are reliably monitored electronically.

    Detailed documentation of your narcotics

    All documents such as orders, delivery bills and proof of inventory are documented in detail.

    We are here for you!

    Do you have questions or need more information? PS Pharma Service GmbH stands for personal support by our experts and the best customer service. Get in touch - we will be happy to advise you.
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