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    info@pspharmaservice.de+49 (0)2159 914430

    Directions & Contact

    Thanks to our strategically beneficial location in Meerbusch, we are quickly accessible for our customers and our shipping partners.

    PS Pharma Service GmbH
    Lise-Meitner-Str. 10
    40670 Meerbusch

    Tel.: +49 (0)2159 914430
    Fax: +49 (0)2159 914445
    E-Mail: info@pspharmaservice.de
    About us
    PS Pharma Service GmbH, based in Meerbusch, has not only office space of more than 700 square meters but also a warehouse and usable space with an area of almost 2,000 square meters. In addition, we have several specially secured safe deposit boxes for narcotics as well as three packaging rooms at this geographically favorable location.

    Arrival by air:
    The nearest airport, Dusseldorf, is only a few kilometers away.

    Arrival by train:
    The nearest train station is the main station in Krefeld. From there, you can take the U76 subway directly to our company headquarters (stop: Görgesheide).

    Arrival by car:
    Our company headquarters is located close to the Meerbusch highway intersection. This means that we can be reached extremely quickly by car from all directions via the A57 or the A44. Follow the A57 and take exit 26-Osterath.
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    Central location and good accessibility

    PS Pharma Service GmbH is conveniently located in Meerbusch. There is an immediate freeway connection and Dusseldorf Airport is only a few minutes away from our company headquarters.

    Contact: You can reach our experts with just a few clicks

    Do you have any questions or need further information? Then please use the following contact form to send us an e-mail and make an appointment for a personal or telephone consultation.
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